LSN-Stereo is a stereo / dual mono version of our "LUCY SAYS NO" vactrol controlled feedback loop. LSN-S's functionality is identical to the original LSN, but adds a LINK / SOLO switch that allows you to control both channels via one set of controls and CV inputs.

Functioning similarly to feedback loop devices found in the effects pedal world, LSN-S differentiates itself by being voltage-controlled. CV given to LSN-S controls a vactrol placed in the middle of the feedback loop, letting more or less signal through. LSN works best with delays, filters, and other modules that process and incoming signal, but as always experimentation is encouraged.


  • 10HP wide
  • Skiff-friendly
  • 40ma~ at +12v, 40ma~ at -12
  • 1kOhm input / 100kOhm output impedence
  • Vactrol control with CV in


Controls are identical for each channel.


    Vactrol control of feedback AMOUNT.

  • GAIN

    Gain control for the feedback loop preamp - different modules oscillate / freak out at different levels, this control will allow you to account for your module's specific needs. 1x - 51x op-amp amplification, with distortion at the higher levels.


    When the module is in LINK mode, the LEFT HAND SIDE knobs and CV input control BOTH channels - this allows for identical gain between the two channels when using stereo modules. In SOLO mode, each channel operates independantly - LEFT side knobs and CV input controls the LEFT channel, RIGHT side knobs and CV input controls the RIGHT channel.

  • SEND

    Connect the INPUT of your donor module (the one you want to have feed back) to this jack, labelled SEND.


    Connect the OUTPUT of your donor module to this jack, labelled RTRN.

  • CV

    CV input to control LEVEL of either / both channels (see LINK/SOLO description above). The LEVEL knob acts as an offset when CV is being input.


  • types of modules that work best with LSN: filters, distortions, reverbs and delays especially! all modules will have different input impedences and circuit designs. experiment! we keep telling you to experiment please god

  • a secret: LSN's feedback loop is basically an LPG sans the "L". by patching a sound source into "RETURN", listening to the output on "SEND", and using the CV input, you can use it as a very dirty vactrol. note that due to the boost circuit the signal will always be at least slightly distorted, but this is good

  • if you're having trouble containing your donor module's feedback (it's only very quiet or VERY LOUD), use your donor module's feedback, input gain, or similar controls to set the "initial" feedback amount.


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All Wildfire Laboratories devices have a 5-month warranty from time of purchase. This covers manufacturing + assembly issues. Incorrect power connections (power supplies with wrong polarity, too much power, etc), wear and tear from normal use, and issues due to modifications are not covered by said Warranty (although you should absolutely email us with any mods you do).

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