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for v1.0 boards

Part Value Qty. Link Other Notes
U2 / U5 TL074 2 n/a These come pre-soldered if you ordered a PCB
D1 / D2 1N4004 2 here
R3, R24 100k 2 here*
R1, R2, R4, R5, R6, R8, R9, R10,R11, R23,R25, R26, R27, R29, R30, R31,R32, R33 1k 18
R7, R28 220R 2 1/4w, 1% metal film resistors preferably
C1 / C2 100nF 2 here
All Jacks 8 here aka "Thonkiconn" - Tayda is out of stock occasionally, in which case try Thonk.uk
VR1 / VR6 10kB Pot 2 here aka "Alpha" PCB mount pots
VR2 50kB Dual Pot 1 here Only available at Thonk at time of writing
VR7 50kB Pot 2 here
SW1 DPDT Submini ON/ON Switch 1 here Must be submini!
n/a Pin Headers 1 here 2 strips of 5
LDR1 / LDR2 Vactrol 2 5528 LDR / 5mm red LED / 6-7mm Heatshrink Vactrol guide here
Knobs n/a 4 here Or any knob w/ brass screw and insert (Davies 1900 etc)

* this link is to a quick-order page for ALL resistor values.


  • Before powering on for the first time, check for shorts between the GND, +12, and -12 test points.

  • Values for all parts will be on the board.

  • The 3.5mm jacks are marked with their function (IN, OUT, etc) for easier troubleshooting.